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Each day, thousands of Rhode Islanders eat nothing.


The Food Bank’s award-winning “Nothing” campaign, introduced in 2010, brought the issue of hunger into sharp focus for many Rhode Islanders. Designed by Providence-based marketing firm, NAIL, and sponsored by the Citizens Bank Foundation, the campaign featured an empty can of “Nothing” that symbolized what too many Rhode Islanders find to eat  in their cupboards. Click here to view the Nothing campaign on Youtube.

Local retailers played a huge role in the campaign during its first two years by creating displays of "Nothing" cans and selling them to raise money for the Food Bank. Schools and organizations embraced the effort by selling cans or collecting spare change to fill the Nothing cans.

Now it's your turn.

This can of Nothing represents the hunger experienced by more than 60,000 Rhode Islanders every month. The spare change you collect will make a big difference to families who are trying to keep food on the table.

Here's how you can help turn Nothing into something:

  • Buy your own can of Nothing and start collecting spare change to help feed hungry families. You can buy one any weekday between 8 am and 4 pm at the Rhode Island Community Food Bank, 200 Niantic Avenue, Providence, RI 02907.
  • Place your can of Nothing on the kitchen counter and ask your whole family to pitch in.
  • Keep a can of Nothing at work -- on your desk, in the breakroom or near the coffee pot.
  • Having a yard sale? Put a can of Nothing out and encourage visitors to contribute.
  • Ask your favorite restaurant or retail store to place a can of Nothing on the counter near the register.
  • Students and teachers -- this could be a great project for you! Ask your school leadership or student council to get involved, and let us know if we can help. Click here to download an information form, or email Cindy Elder to learn how you can bring Nothing to your school.

What to do with YOUR Nothing

Nothing cans filled with spare change can be returned directly to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. Or you can empty out your can, count up the change, and send us a check for the amount you collected. You'll have the fun of knowing how much you contributed, and your contribution can be acknowledged and tax-deductible.


Call 401-230-1674 or email Cindy Elder. Thank you!