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Making Our Community Stronger

"I'm a hands-on person. I'm not just writing a check. I'm looking at where I'm going to get the biggest bang for my buck. When I go to the Food Bank and see the food coming in and going out, when I see the people at food pantries getting what they need so their family can have a good meal, I see the difference I'm making with my donation."

-- Linda Ward, Food Bank supporter

Taking Care of Families

"We have struggled for four-and-a-half years. My paycheck is barely enough to cover rent and diapers. We're finally at a decent place, but it wouldn't have happened without help. If we didn't have the food pantry, our girls would be hungry sometimes."

-- Jennifer Montecalvo, food pantry client

Tell Us Your Story

Your story has the power to influence others.

We hope you will share your story with us so that we can present real-life stories of people who benefit from food assistance and people who support our work.

Here are a few questions you might consider when writing your story. You can write a single sentence or several paragraphs – it’s up to you.

  • Have you ever been unsure of where your next meal was coming from?
  • Have you received help from a food pantry or meal site?
  • Are you a supporter of the Food Bank or a local food pantry?
  • What inspires you to give of your money or time to help these organizations feed hungry families in Rhode Island?

Please write your story in the space below and let us know whether we have permission to use your story to educate others. You may share your story with us even if you wish to remain anonymous. If you aren't comfortable sharing your name, simply put N/A in the name, address and phone sections of this form. You may attach a photograph at the bottom of this form.

* If you do not have an address or phone, or you wish to remain anonymous, please enter N/A under these fields. Thank you!

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